Art Gallery - The Colors of Christmas

October 26, 2018

Art Exhibit for Christmas - Advent & Art: An Interactive Exhibit

Typically during December when you visit family and friends you admire their Christmas tree and talk about some of the more interesting ornaments. Family and friends make Advent so special as you celebrate the birth of Jesus. Your church family also wants to see your ornaments. WHY NOT SHARE ONE WITH KAUMC?

If you stop in to the church gallery during Advent you will see a very different gallery exhibit. You will see several nativity scenes from Peggy Garrison’s massive collection and you will also see yards of pine roping draped around the room. The roping is there so you can share an ornament with your church family. Please don’t bring a valuable or sentimental ornament to put on the roping. It can be a simple ball on which you write your name. The theme of the sanctuary decorations this December is “The Colors of Christmas.” We would like to carry that into the gallery. Bring a colorful ornament! Also if you have a favorite holiday photo, make a copy and clip it to the roping. At the end of December we would like to keep all the ornaments and photos and make a huge wreath that we can display for years to come.