Art Gallery May 28 - June 25, 2017

May 22, 2017

Amanda Bean
May 28th – June 25th 2017 
King Avenue UMC Art Gallery 

My name is Amanda Bean, I am an artist based in Columbus, OH.  I graduated in 2015 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, in drawing and painting, from The Ohio State University.  Since then I have continued working here at King Avenue UMC with the welcome desk for what will be five years in June.  For my daytime job, I work for a local picture framing store.  All the while I try and keep up with my practice in making new works of art.  

With my pieces in this exhibition I show my exploration with a variety of mediums that showcase my interest in the texture of surfaces.  I draw on inspirations from life, like forms found anatomically and in nature.  I incorporate those ideas by using artificial materials to create surreal like nonrepresentational objects.  The kind of medias I use range from insulation, foam, plastics, charcoal, acrylic/spray paint, and whatever else I find that suits what I need to convey.  I mix techniques of collage, assemblage, and areas of deconstruction to create these abstracted compositions.