Prayer Partners

April 11, 2019

Prayer Partners Closet

In this time of refreshing and re-creation of the earth, as we watch the land come alive, we hear the bees buzzing, feel the spring winds as they cool the surrounding world, feel the droplets of rain which brings life giving moisture to crops given for our nourishment. 
I heard on the weather channel several years ago, that the average lifespan of a cloud is two hours! Imagine living your life in a two hour span! How would you make that time count? The interesting thing is that they are changed by bumping into other clouds, into which they become a part… imagine, your life being changed by bumping into someone. They leave a part of themselves with you, through their love and care for you. A chance encounter may change your life remarkedly! God is the God of creation and re-creation. God reminds us of that every spring in the cycle of earth and in our lives as we cycle through the seasons of our lives. If we are in tune and aware, we can see how She re-creates us and weaves, molds, or carves us into new people as we journey with God and the others that God places on our path to journey alongside. 
Prayer Partners Ministry is twofold, with the first part being people who feel comfortable with meeting with other people in the congregation to provide encouragement, prayer, support and a listening ear. We do provide training for this ministry, but we also are not trained therapists and are sojourners with others as they seek to draw closer in their walk with God. Some of the people who request a prayer partner may be dealing with grief, divorce, wanting discernment from God about a particular matter, as well as just wanting someone for a soundboard and to pray for them as they seek to grow in their faith. If you feel a desire to help others in the church in this type of ministry, please contact Colleen Ogle or complete the pew card and indicate on it that you would like to become a prayer partner. 

The other part of the Prayer Partners' Ministry is that as people have needs arise in their lives, divorce, family issues, health concerns, employment, or wanting someone to walk with them on their faith journeys to grow closer to God, they can request a Prayer Partner. Once the request is received, we will match a Prayer Partner with that person who is seeking. Information that is shared is kept confidential, and the Prayer Partner contacts you to establish the best form of communication for the two of you.
Prayer Partners can e-mail, meet face-to-face, talk on the phone, text, or whatever way supports you in your journey to help with your specific needs. If you feel like you would like a Prayer Partner to support you, please complete a pew card, and you can drop it in the collection plate and someone from the ministry will be in touch with you to initiate the process and you will be matched with a Prayer Partner.

Trecia Holdren

Psalm 148:5 CEV
”Let all things praise the name of the Lord, because they were created at His command. He made them to last forever, and nothing can change what he has done.”