RALLYBUS to Washington DC

May 15, 2017


Organizers of the Washington D.C. Pride Festival in conjunction with several other organizations are working to bring together the National Pride March. This will take place on Sunday, June 11 on the National Mall in Washington DC. King Avenue UMC SPECTRUM is organizing a coach bus trip to Washington D.C.  We will join thousands from across the country for the Sunday, June 11, 2017 National Pride March On Washington. This event is taking place the week before we in Columbus celebrate our own Pride activities, but hope that we can gather enough interest to be represented in this historic national Pride event. 

If you are interested in joining Spectrum members, you can register online. The cost will be between $73-100 depending on number of participants. The RALLYBUS leaves from the Battle parking lot at 1:00am Sunday and will return to Columbus by 2:20am Monday. The bus has wifi, you can bring food and drinks, and the bus will be secure if you’d like to leave items during the march. Drop-off and pickup will be at the march, and an app will help us communicate details with our bus.

More information will be forthcoming as we finalize the details, but here are a few thing to keep in mind:
  • A Rallybus is crowd-funded and this bus is initially by invitation. We'll open it to King Avenue members and friends, then possibly to others, if there is room. 
  • We've made a minimum requirement of 40 riders for the Rallybus to happen. Any fewer and the trip will cancel and no one will be charged. 
  • With 40 riders, the cost will be $100 each. With the maximum of 55 riders, the price drops to $73 each, with adjustments made for every number in between. (the more participants, the less expensive the ride) 
  • The bus will pick us up at Battelle and leave Columbus at 1:06 AM. Sunday morning, June 11.
  • We will arrive in Washington DC at 9:30 AM Sunday morning, June 11.  
  • The bus will meet us at 6:00 PM, June 11, at the arranged meeting place in DC.
  • We will arrive home in Columbus at 2:23 AM Monday morning, June 12. 
  • You may have food and beverages on the bus, but need to clean up your space before leaving when we get back to C-Bus. No glass containers. You may also leave things on the bus while in DC. (ex. Pillow, blanket....) 
Contact Susan Taylor with questions.