Response to UMC General Conference, February 2019

February 28, 2019

Response to United Methodist Conference
Special Session, St. Louis, 2019

"The decision of the legislative session to recommend the Traditionalist Plan instead of the the One Church Plan is deeply disturbing, disappointing, and discouraging. It is tragic and short-sighted that many still do not see how LGBTQ persons bless the mission of Christ's Church.  Also, and just as important, Colleen and I shall continue to be honored to be your pastors. King Avenue will remain a welcoming, reconciling, and serving church which shares God's love with ALL! King Avenue Church will not change what it is and what it stands for."

– Pastor John Keeny, King Avenue Church

‘It is crucial to remember that we are in committee now and that the General Conference plenary will determine final decisions. These are tender moments that invite our continued prayers and good faith. At one and the same time, we have a great challenge and an enormous missional opportunity.”

– Bishop Gregory V. Palmer, West Ohio Conference