State ID Program

The State Identification Program at King Avenue United Methodist Church provides hope, assistance and a clear tangible illustration that persons and families in need can turn to a community church and know they are cared for and thought of with love and kindness regardless of their economic, social, and religious status. 


The program welcomes, honors, and nurtures all people fulfilling the vision Christ held for his church, in turn, creating disciples through civic action and a concern for the well being of all people.

Each Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m., persons in need of a state identification card can receive a voucher from our extension site at Stone Village at 139 E. 2nd Avenue, Columbus that will cover the cost of a state identification card. Persons must have two certified forms of identification in order to secure a voucher; ideally, a certified birth certificate and social security card. Only fifteen vouchers are distributed on Wednesday morning.