Musing 10.30.20


During the Comprehensive Campaign our church’s prayer team has created numerous opportunities for prayer. On Wednesdays, from noon-1pm, and 6:30-7:30pm, the sanctuary is open for prayer and meditation. There are prayer stations and hymns played on the piano. It is wonderful to sit in the quiet sanctuary, center on God, and unburden oneself. Team members have also been posting prayers for our church on Realm.

During our worship services, members of the team have led us in both prayers for the campaign and the prayers of the church. Last Sunday Shannon Poole offered the prayers. I was deeply moved by the honesty and faith of her prayer. I was especially impacted knowing that she experiences the stress that all parents of small children do and that she lost her job during the pandemic. This is her prayer. Thank you, Shannon.

Dear Creator,

During these unknown times and with the fear we have in our hearts, we pray that we turn to you.

We do not know what this COVID pandemic will look like, who our elected officials will be, and really anything in the future.

We pray we will not be gripped with fear. Fear of how our schools will conduct learning, fear of our economy being shut down and people losing jobs, fear of the virus spreading, fear of how the holidays will look. Knowing you means we don’t have to know the future. Remind us of the truth and help us walk in faithfulness and unity together.

As we feel the world spin out of control, grant us grace to trust you. Help us as a nation to vote with your principles of integrity and wisdom. Please bless and protect all of the politicians running for office. Remind us that even if the ground crumbles from underneath our feet, we have no reason to fear, for you will support us.

Remind us of your truths and help us walk in faithfulness and unity together. Amen.

Hope you are safe and well.