Musing 5.1.20

Just some random thoughts during the Covid-19 crisis...

  • More phone calls are answered; fewer go to voicemail. This is particularly true of calls that don’t have caller ID. My speculation is that it may be a call from someone in need.

  • More voicemails are returned. My guess is that people want to connect.

  • When I wear my mask, my phone’s face ID doesn’t recognize me. The upside is that I’ll never forget my password.

  • I still have not completed some projects I thought I would get done during the down time. I realize that lack of time is not why I don’t do some things. I just don’t want to do them.

  • I really look forward to lunch packing days. It is precious to connect over bologna and crackers.

  • It is difficult to focus for any length of time. Is it because things change so much that I believe sustained thought is unproductive?

  • While I am happy that I finally figured out Zoom calls, looking at myself for an entire Zoom call makes me self-conscious and restive.

  • We are indeed more aware of the service sector. Could this be the dawning of the last shall be first, the least shall be the greatest?

  • It is no fun preaching to an empty room. Although people probably think preaching is only one person talking (lecturing), it is a conversation. Facial expressions, body language, verbal responses matter. The congregation contributes as much to the preaching experience as do God and the preacher. I wonder if a sermon is a sermon when there is no one to hear it. That’s kind of a variation of “if a tree fell....”

  • The online worship services tell us the length of each part of the service. How many people check the length of the sermon before they hit, “play”?

  • I have been surprised how long the sermons are and how short the hymns are. I had no idea. Did you?

  • I hope people are listening to the Children’s Moments. They are joyously life-giving.

  • I hope people are not skipping parts of the online worship. If so, they would be missing parts of the Body of Christ and the surprising ways God speaks to them.

  • The metrics of judgment have been disrupted. There is freedom as we search for new metrics. Let’s seek more humane and gracious metrics. A new metric is tolerance. I am less judgmental.

  • Why do people feel obliged to say, “Although I didn’t vote for him,” when they praise Gov. DeWine?

  • BTW, I didn’t vote for him, but I think Gov. DeWine is doing a great job! Gov. DeWine genuinely cares for the people of Ohio.

  • A couple of years ago our Parables class discussed the motivation of the Good Samaritan’s helping the injured traveler. The question the Good Samaritan asked was not, “What will happen to me if I help this person?” The question was, “What will happen to this person if I don’t help him?” Isn’t that the motivation we see in the frontline responders?

  • More than one parent has commented how nice it is not to have rush to soccer, gymnastics, ballet, swimming, etc. “I enjoy these evenings at home with the kids.”

  • God was on to something in creating a Sabbath day. It is a day to realize that we are all in this together, that it is not all dependent on us, that God can be trusted, that creation is delightful, and that life is a joy. Why do I not take advantage of this gift? Why do I avoid it?

  • I miss you. On Mondays, I still think, “I didn’t see so-and-so yesterday. I hope they are okay.”

  • It is painful not to be physically present at moments of illness, death, and grief.

Hope you are safe and well.

God bless you.