Musings 6.24.21

A few years ago, the West Ohio Conference made the decision that our clergy needed to be in small groups with one another. I agreed, being a pastor can be challenging. As a matter of fact, I was rather excited about it. At the time I was serving a church that was situated in a rural area and I spent many of my days bothering my secretary or talking to myself (picture Tom Hanks and Wilson in the movie Castaway).

Next, the big question was HOW to form these clusters. Some Districts were told who they were to cluster with. I met this idea with dread… while we would like to think that all clergy would get along swimmingly and that we all share the same fundamental ideas that would make for a meaningful small group, it just isn’t so.

Our District made the good decision that we could choose our own clusters. I was invited by a friend to join a cluster of Lead Pastors from Columbus and that is the first time I had the privilege of meeting Rev John Keeny. As did this congregation, I loved him from the very start. His dry wit, compassion and honesty was refreshing. I was inspired by John and encouraged in my own ministry by the stories of his amazing congregation, willing to jump in and make the church a safe, loving and inviting place for All.

Imagine my absolute delight that I am now in the position to continue this legacy. I am humbled by this opportunity. I am moved to be among all of you that have done such beautiful work. I am a firm believer that we can never replace people, God has created us in wonderfully unique ways. So, I will continue John’s work and the work of those who came before and add my own touches along the way.

As we begin sharing church together on June 27th, I invite you to participate with me and Rev. Andy Burns in our Sermon Series entitled “Church Is…”. I would love to hear your honest response to this question: What is church? There is no wrong answer if you are being authentic. Post your answers or send them along to my email address,

I look forward to meeting you and hope to see you, either in person or online, as your situation permits, on Sunday June 27th.

Peace and Joy to you today,

Rev. Becky Piatt