Musings 7.1.21

Pastor Becky's Musings 7/1/21

When I received the news that I was being appointed to King Ave effective June 27th, I realized that it would be a good time to take some time off in between churches. Ministry during the pandemic was challenging and exhausting. I wanted to come to our church with new energy and well rested.

During my time “in between” as I have come to think of it, I had a stack of books to read that included a variety of genres. I completed a few but became fond of one in particular that fed my soul. It’s a compilation of prayers entitled “A Rhythm of Prayer: Meditations for Renewal,” written by various authors and edited by Sarah Bessey. Below is one of my favorites. I pray that it may nourish your soul in this day.

Teach Us to Love the World Again by Sarah Bessey

God of herons and heartbreak, teach us to love the world again. Teach us to love extravagantly knowing it may (it will) break our hearts and teach us that it is worth it. God of pandemics and suffering ones, teach us to love the world again. God of loneliness and longing, of bushfires and wilderness, of soup kitchens and border towns, of snow fall and children, teach us to love the world again.