Musings 8.1.21

Prayers, scriptures, mantras, favorite phrases, and lines from songs can bring us peace and help alleviate some of the anxiety of the day. Whatever is happening in your world just now, remember that you are a beloved child of God.

A couple of weeks ago I taught you a mantra that has been a favorite of mine, especially in times of worry. This comes from the Book of Hours and is called so many different things, but at its core it is simple and centering.

Christ be in my mind and in my thinking,

Christ be in my eyes, in everything I see,

Christ be in my ears and in my hearing,

Christ be in my mouth, in ev'ry word I speak,

Christ be in my heart and in my loving,

Christ be in my life, each moment that I live.


May you sense the presence of Christ today,

Pastor Becky