Update King Avenue Apportionments Beginning 1/26/2021

January 29, 2021

Administrative Council and Apportionments

On January 26, Ad Council voted to escrow 24 months of apportionment payments dating back to March of 2019, and begin paying appportionments in full on March, 2021.

Based on communication with Bishop Palmer and evidence surrounding the status of King Avenue Church in our conference at this time,  ACTS made its recommendation to Ad Council Tuesday night to hold in escrow 24 months of apportionments and then begin paying its apportionments in full. Please read the recommendation in its entirety. The reasons for the decision are well-stated. 

ACTS Committee
Tim Bechtol, Janet Blocher, Linda Guyton, John Keeny, Rhonda Luetje, Colleen Ogle, Andy Shockney, Pam Springer, Cean Wilson