...Creating a buzz about King Avenue through your witness on social media.
Many of us are on social media to share the events of our lives with friends and family.  The King Avenue Buzz Team is a way to pledge to use social media tools you're already using to create a positive buzz about King Avenue.  Witnessing about your faith community and church from your own social media formats is an organic way to share about King Avenue, and a way to open the door for honest communication with others about our church.  
This is a ministry with no meetings, but huge impact!  Social media is a huge outreach opportunity, and we need your help!

  • Who? Anyone who uses social media… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat...
  • What? Posting, sharing, retweeting, commenting, liking, favoriting, following, mentioning, participating…  Anything you can do to get the word out about King Avenue and what we’re about!
  • Where?  At King Avenue or ANYWHERE you are in fellowship with your King Avenue family.
  • When?  On Sundays, or ANYTIME you are in fellowship with King Avenue friends.
  • Why?  To create an organic, authentic, and positive buzz about King Avenue through a diverse team out into the wider community, opening the door for conversations with friends & family about King Avenue.