History of our Church Building

In 1888, before there was a church or a church building, there was the formation of a Sunday School on December 30, 1889 started by a small group of people in the neighborhood of King and Neil Avenues. They met in a two-story frame building on Henry Street, which is now called Sixth Avenue. A bakery was housed on the first floor and the Sunday School group met on the second floor. This formation of  the church group, numbering one hundred and twenty-seven persons, resulted in the need for a building. 
On May 30, 1889, King Avenue Episcopal Church was organized with 30 members. A lot on the corners of King and Neil Avenues was purchased for $5,500.00. The first physical structure was a small stone church built in 1889. The building was essentially a small chapel, seating no more than one hundred and fifty persons. There is an indication that the stone chapel was built on the west end of the lot, facing King Avenue, from which the church derived it's name.  The small stone chapel was outgrown by the turn of the century and a temporary structure called the "Wigwam" was built. The Wigwam, 40 x 90 feet, was home to the two hundred plus member congregation from 1902 to 1904, while the small chapel was razed and a new, larger, stone building was built in its place.
The second church building was dedicated March 5 1904 and the temporary Wigwam was torn down. The cost of the new church building was $54,000.00. The new building had a seating capacity of 1800 and was one of the largest churches in Columbus. On August 23, 1918, while repairs were being made to the roof, a fire started that destroyed the church within two hours and all but a few of the exterior stone walls remained partially intact.  Following the destruction of the second stone church, the congregation met in a temporary building was to be known as the "Tabernacle."
On October 8, 1922, the third permanent and present church building was dedicated. Although the present church has the same general appearance from the exterior as the church building built in 1904, there were many advancements and improvements. The cost of the new church was $400,000.00.  The new church was designed with a seating capacity of 1,800.
King Avenue has witnessed many renovations since the dedication of the present church building in 1922. To learn more about King Avenue's architecture, renovations and stained glass windows, please contact the church office at 614-424-6050.  

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