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LGBTQIA+ and Faith Resources

Navigating LGBTQ Identities and Religion – The Trevor Project
The relationship between religion and the LGBTQ community is a complicated one, and everyone experiences it differently. It all depends on how you feel, and what you choose.

Episode 122: LGBTQ Inclusive Youth Ministry w/ Ross Murray - Cindy Brandt
If you grew up evangelical, the thought of youth ministry is probably very triggering. It may bring back memories of shame and religiosity. Adolescence is a very tender time of our lives and that is exactly when a lot of the toxicity of fundamentalism was solidified. More likely than not, we heard rhetoric like, “Gay…

Beloved Arise
A movement to celebrate and empower queer youth of faith. Supporting LGBTQ+ Christian teens to deepen their faith. Affirming theology, Bible studies, encouragement, stories of hope.

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Resources (& Faith!)

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is sexuality education that fosters informed, responsible, and values-based decisions about sexual health and behavior.

These Are Our Bodies: Foundation Book
Easily accessible, theologically progressive, mainline Christian Education resource on human sexuality• The Foundation Book for the These Are Our Bodies program various age level modules (Middle School, High School, children, etc.)• Why the church needs to work with children and youth on human sex...

Gwendolyn DeRosa: All Means All by Women in Youth Ministry
Women in Ministry Podcast - Our desire is to elevate the voices of women in the world of youth ministry. Started initially as a Facebook community in 2014, we've grown to include 3,000 women in our mission. Hosted by Heather Lea Kenison.

Stories of LGBTQIA+ Christians (YouTube)
Many thanks to Emmy for coming on and connecting the Bible to queer experiences! She's basically the best. You can find her on Twitter: @EmmyKegler and check out!

Intersectional Justice with Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder (Encore)
This episode first aired Sep 10, 2019. Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder (she, her), a San Francisco native, has served her call through prophetic action and ministry for justice for over thirty years. This call to “blend proclamation, worship, service and advocacy on behalf of those most marginalized

Conversation with Megan Rohrer (YouTube)
Pastor Megan Rohrer is the first openly trans pastor ordained in the Lutheran church, and is an advocate, author and award winning filmmaker & historian. Hear her in conversation with Gender Spectrum's Austen Hartke discussing her background, her call to ministry, and much more.

Paula Stone Williams and Jonathan Williams
The story of a parent's transition and a son's redemption. Paula Stone Williams knew from a young age that she was transgender. But as she became a parent and prominent evangelical pastor, she feared that coming out would mean losing everything. In this moving, deeply personal talk, Paula and her son Jonathan Williams share what Paula's transition meant for their family -- and reflect on their path to redemption. As Jonathan says: "I cannot ask my father to be anything other than her true self."

Trans Talks Luster Singleton: Bravery (YouTube)
Luster Singleton (They/Them) speaking at our first storytelling event on the topic of Bravery. Special thanks to our ASL interpreters; Lee Conley and Amy Parker DeLorenzo for helping us be as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible.

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