NNEMAP Food Pantry is a cooperative ministry of over 30 churches distributing food and material assistance to needy residents of the near northside of Columbus. NNEMAP’s primary mission always will be to feed the hungry in our neighborhood, and to provide nutritious food for their tables. We have grown our children’s services and healthcare partnerships because we know that the hungry have many other issues in their lives. NNEMAP is in a unique position to be that welcoming and supportive environment where we can provide a broader range of services and become a bridge to those resources in our community who can solve those problems. That is our vision.


NNEMAP serves area neighbors in need. Our services include distributing back-to-school supplies, grooming kits at Christmas, providing Christmas gifts and holiday baskets to families during the holidays, and offering healthcare to clients through Columbus Public Health Department and the Breathing Association.


King Avenue UMC plays a significant role in our ministry. It provides financial support, donation of food, plays a primary role in our school supply and Christmas tree projects, and provides a dozen volunteers!


For more information, contact Roy Clark, Director of NNEMAP Food Pantry at 614-297-0533 or director@nnemappantry.org