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We are excited to get started with REALM, our new King Avenue connection tool! Realm will give you an opportunity to receive targeted communication in areas that pertain to you, interact with members in your small group or class, access a membership directory, and check your giving.

What are the benefits of moving from our current system into Realm?

Realm is a web-based application from ACS Technologies that informs our staff and connects our congregation. All of our Realm data is safely stored and backed up in the cloud, making it available 24/7 from anywhere using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Here are the benefits for King Avenue moving into this new system...
  • Efficiency - Realm is a single, comprehensive database for pastors and ministry leaders. No more parallel, incomplete systems and lists! 
  • Targeted Messaging - You receive the "good of the order" items and targeted announcements for ministries and groups that pertain to you.
  • Choose How to Stay Informed - Receive email, go to onrealm.com on your computer, use notifications on your phone, or check the same information on an app on your phone.
  • Online Photo Directory - Look up phone numbers, addresses, and see a picture of fellow congregants.
  • Control Privacy - You can set who sees your phone number, address, and email. Nobody outside of the system can see anything.

Do you want to connect to King Avenue with Realm? Request an invitation...
From our previous systems, we have email addresses for most congregants already, and will automatically invite and support those folks. It's possible that some people fall through the cracks! Didn't get an invitation? Click on the realm button above or click on THIS LINK and complete a 3-question form. This will notify Pastor Colleen that you want to request an invitation to Realm. 

Once you get your Realm Invitation...

You will receive a Realm invitation in your email. Click on the link in your invitation (either on a computer or a smart phone), follow the directions, and you're on! CLICK HERE for a video on how to navigate the REALM setup on a computer.

Accessing Realm
Access Realm on your Laptop or Desktop Computer
Bookmark this link to access Realm on your computer.
Desktop Link - https://onrealm.org

Download the App
Of course, you can always access Realm on your computer. For those of you who prefer accessing Realm on your smart phone, there is also a very nice mobile app available. Contact your small groups, coordinate group activities, RSVP to church events and meetings, manage your giving, update your information, and more. Go to your app store (iOS or Android) and search for "Connect our church community," or use the links below.  

 iOS Link (iPhone App Store)

  Android Link (Google Play Store)

Ready for the next step? Here ar some online resources to help you!
  • If I accept my realm invitation on my computer, do I have to also accept it on the mobile app? No. Once your account is set up, you can access from either place. You use your email address and the password that was used to set up the account.
  • Do I have to use the mobile app? No. The mobile app is just a streamlined option for those want it. Learn how to navigate the mobile app by clicking here.
  • I'm getting a lot of emails. How can I control this? You have complete control over what kinds of notifications you receive, and where you receive them. You can customize your notification settings (mobile phone notifications and email) with settings in your account. Click here to learn how to manage your email settings.
  • Can everyone see my address, phone number, and email? You have complete control of what is published to the directory. Click here to see how to customize those settings.
  • Why is it asking for my birth date? Sometimes there are two people with the same name! The birth date ensures that those records are kept separate.
  • What if I'm not "in the system?" Those without a login will still receive targeted emails about the church's happenings. Without a login, congregants won't be able to access their giving records nor congregant directory. Only those with Realm accounts will be able to interact with other members in small group areas.
  • Is Realm replacing systems we already have? The King Avenue website will still contain an up-to-date calendar and annoucements as it always has. It will also will serve as our "public face" for those searching for a church home. Our main Facebook Page will remain, but the individual ministry groups will be moved into Realm.
  • Can I post in Realm, or is only one-way communication? Realm will have a combination of one-way and two-way communication. The whole group area will be one-way communication, but many of the smaller groups will allow members of the group to interact with each other. 
  • How do I delete outdated items? Realm is a news stream. That means that everything stays in the stream, but the new items are always at the top. Unlike email, you don't need to manage this news stream.