Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners Ministry

Prayer Partners is a one on one caring ministry, where someone seeking care is matched with another Christian who has been trained to listen, love, and pray for them. 

Our mission: To meet people where they are and walk with them towards greater wholeness and healing in Christ.

What is it? An opportunity to be paired with another Christian who has been trained to listen, love, care and build a faith partnership through confidential sharing and prayer.

Who is it for?  Prayer Partners is for people who are experiencing life changes, stresses or difficult seasons in their lives. It is also for people who may need experience in being spiritually transparent and wholly authentic in relationships. Whether you have experienced a loss, or you  or lack a Christian friend with whom to share your heart, our prayer partners will meet you where you are.

How does it help? God created us to be in community and to connect at deep level. Each prayer partner is committed to walking with you through whatever you are experiencing and praying for you regularly. Primarily we will be present for you and listen, but will also have resources to share new ways for you to experience and hear from God and feel His presence with you.

How would we meet?  In order to be available to people in a variety of ways, our caring would be tailored to what works best for your schedule and availability. Everyone will meet in person for the first meeting, but after that you can continue to meet face to face or do a combination of phone or email interactions. Typically you would have some type of contact with your partner once per week.

What we are not-  We are not professionally trained counselors. Prayer Partners are spiritual companions, willing to walk with others through challenging times with a shared faith in God. 

How can I sign up or get more information?  Please contact Trecia Holdren at