Our Future
In response to the United Methodist Church Special Session of the General Conference and the passage of the Traditionalist Plan in 2019, King Avenue Church will actively support our LGBTQIA+ and studying a future that honors, nurtures, and includes ALL.

King Avenue will remain a welcoming, reconciling, and serving church which shares God's love with ALL! King Avenue Church will not change what it is and what it stands for.
The King Avenue ACTS Committee
The King Avenue ACTS (Alterative ConnecTional Structure) committee was formed to remain up-to-date around our demonination's happenings, and respond appropriately to new information. 

Although we are a time of transition in our denomination, there is hope of a United Methodist Church with necessary progress made towards full inclusion, or even in a rebirth of a new Methodist denomination. 

Our Mission Statement
We invite, welcome and honor all people and nurture them to grow in service with Christ.

Our Vision Statement
“We are a community of servants called by God’s reconciling grace to open doors of sanctuary, to create new avenues of ministry, to equip Christians for discipleship, to lead reconciling ministries.” 

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