Amy Ashburn, Office Manager (she, her, hers)
Amy Ashburn has run the works here at the KAUMC office for the past three years. She’s the go-to Office Goddess who keeps the wheels turning and the machinery humming, all with a few sarcastic and self-effacing comments at the ready in her back pocket. A life-long Columbusite (is that what we call Columbus natives? Really?), Amy is no newbie to the world of office management.  She spent a full quarter of a century managing a dental office, which is especially amazing considering she's eternally 29 years old. Amy also worked as a housewares demonstrator at Lazarus, where she actually got to know KAUMC's very own Jeff Wyckoff.  Small world, isn't it?  As a result of that last job, Amy became the custodian of an absurdly large collection of kitchen tools, but she doesn’t like to rub your nose in it because that's just not the kind of broad she is.  Above all, Amy strives to be the Office Goddess you deserve. Do you need something posted in the church newsletter? Amy’s your woman. Have a question about upcoming events? Ask Amy. Need a smile? Just talk to her.  Bribe her with some Dove or Hershey's products and you've made a friend for life!