Bethlehem on Broad Street
November 19, 2017, (all day)

Bethlehem on Broad Street

There are many different ways to mark the holiday season. But for many of those who have participated on this yearly ecumenical fellowship, there is no better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than through Bethlehem on Broad Street. As we move into the coldest part of the year, there are many families and individuals with deep and immediate needs for food and clothing. This is particularly true in today’s troubled economy.

Our collection of food for Bethlehem on Broad Street will run from November 19 to December 10. Boxes and packing lists will be available in the milling area and Fellowship Hall. Our goal is 100 boxes.

Volunteers Needed
Are you interested in volunteering for this event?
  • Volunteers to load the Bethlehem on Broad boxes on the church bus, Friday, December 15, 9am.
  • Volunteers to distribute the Bethlehem on Broad boxes at Broad Street UMC, Saturday, December 16, 2:50-4:30pm.