Youth Service Week (click for info)
July 9     .     13, 2018 (all day)

King Avenue UMC Youth Week of Service
July 9-13, 2018

All kids grades 4-12 are invited to participate in a Youth Week of Service: 5 one-day local service projects from July 9-13. Participate on one day or all! There will be something for everyone. Check Realm to register and to read a description of projects and times. See Erin if you have questions. 

Monday July 9:  Work at NNEMAP helping with client shopping activities, food sorting, etc.  
Wear your King Avenue t-shirt and comfortable shoes. 
Location: NNEMAP
Meet at church at 8:30am
Return to church at 12:30pm

Tuesday July 10:  Make blankets for Ronald McDonald House families & care packages for kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Location: King Avenue Church
Meet at church at 1:30pm
Finish at 3:30pm

Wednesday July 11: Clean pews in Sanctuary, weed flowerbeds, odd jobs around King Avenue UMC
Wear old clothes that can get dirty.
Location: King Avenue Church
Meet at church at 1:30pm
Finish at 4:30pm

Thursday July 12: Open Shelter evening meal serving 
Serve the evening meal at the Open Shelter. Wear your King Avenue t-shirt and comfortable shoes.
Location: Open Shelter
Meet at church at 3:30pm
Return to church at 7:30pm

Friday July 13: Random Act of Kindness Day 
In your own home and neighborhood, perform at least one Random Act of Kindness for someone else... or do several! Take a photo of yourself doing your RAK and send it to Erin so she can share it with the rest of our King Avenue Families. Here are some ideas...
  • Call your grandmother.
  • Take surprise cookies to a neighbor that might need a friendly pick-me-up.
  • Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks. 
  • Pack a sack lunch of a piece of fruit, PB&J sandwich, snack size bag of chips, package of cookies and bottled water and give it to a homeless person or panhandler. 
  • Let someone go in front of you in line. 
  • Leave extra change in the vending machine. 
  • Send an email to someone to show your appreciation or thanks. 
  • Drop off old books to your local library or children’s hospital. 
  • Going for a run? Offer to take your neighbor’s dog along with you for some exercise. 
  • Help someone in need with their packages or their cart at the supermarket. 
  • Organize the clothes you don’t wear anymore and donate them. 
  • Mow your neighbors’ lawns or water their plants while they are out of town. 
  • Stand up for those who are being bullied.