20/20 Vision Campaign

March 6, 2020

20/20 Vision Campaign

King Avenue has a beautiful history of serving the Columbus community for over 100 years. Our many programs, services and missions have touched countless lives and King Avenue has been and IS highly regarded as a leader in the community. As we look to the year 2020 and beyond, our vision must continue to remain strong. 

Over the past three years, King Avenue has been operating at a financial loss. The losses were initially small, but they kept growing to the point that the 2020 Budget had a projected loss of $70,000. Like many churches, the main driver in this loss is a decline of offering/pledges. The pastors and staff at King Avenue have done a tremendous job of keeping expenses under budget for 2019, but revenues (pledges/offerings) were nearly $44,000 short of budget.  
After thoughtful discussion and review, the Finance committee has taken action to reduce the projected $70,000 loss for 2020 in the following ways:
  • Cut all 2020 expense categories by 6%
  • Ask for an additional 1.5% increase from our endowment, for this year
  • Work aggressively to ensure rental income and expenses are managed
  • Review 2020 pledges and adjust for drop offs
  • Reduce recommended staff increases from 3% to 2% 
  • Review, in detail, every line item in the 2020 budget and make adjustments

With all the above actions, the Finance committee cut the projected $70,000 loss down to $15,000. PLEASE NOTE: We continue to escrow our apportionments to the conference and have not used any of escrowed funds for cash operations. 

What do we need to do? Close the $15,000 gap by asking you to make an additional donation/pledge to the 20/20 VISION FUND by Sunday, April 5th. You can make your donation on Realm by choosing the 20/20 VISION FUND or by writing 20/20 VISION FUND on your check and pledge envelope by Sunday, April 5th. You can also give by clicking on the GIVE NOW button below. 
Only together, can we keep the Vision of King Avenue strong in 2020 and beyond!