ACTIONS in Response to General Conference

By ACTS |  December 30, 2019


Be assured that King Avenue will remain the joyful, grace-filled church it has always been. Other than expanding our ministries, nothing will change. We are NOT moving or leaving our building. We will continue to be sanctuary that is fully welcoming and inclusive, including the celebration of same-gender marriages. 

In response to the tragic actions of General Conference, King Avenue has taken to specific steps relating to our present and future. 

King Avenue UMC’s vision, which states in part that we “lead reconciling ministries,” and the decisions of the 2019 General Conference leave our congregation missionally misaligned with our current and, probably, future denominational policy and structure. At its March 12 meeting the Staff Parish Relations Committee voted to create an ad hoc subcommittee, Alternative ConnecTional Structure (ACTS), to investigate emerging options to affiliate King Avenue Church with a Methodist judicatory of a compatible missional alignment. Plans and possibilities for new structural expressions of Methodism are being discussed by a variety of groups and individuals throughout United Methodism. ACTS will help King Avenue Church move past the rumors and opinions of social media and become well informed as to what is actually serious, viable, and theologically sound. 

To that end the subcommittee will identify groups that are conceptualizing and organizing an alternate denominational structure, will clarify and communicate our interest, will research what is being developed, and will keep the congregation appropriately informed about progress and options. The subcommittee’s goal will be to recommend an affiliation that will be best for our congregation and mission. ACTS will work prudently and report as needed to Ad Council and the congregation on its learning. From this work King Avenue will gain a clearer picture on how to proceed.
Members of the subcommittee are Rev. Cean Wilson, Janet Blocher, Linda Guyton, Andy Shockney, Pam Springer, Rhonda Luetje, Tim Bechtol, John Keeny and Colleen Ogle. 

Effective March 5, we shall direct the King Avenue Church finance office to place all of our monthly apportionment payments in an escrow account until such time as the Administrative Council, with the advice of the Finance Committee, will determine which apportionments are appropriate to pay. This action will be in effect until King Avenue Church determines its future relationship with the United Methodist denomination. This action is in response to the tragic actions of the recent General Conference. It is taken neither rashly nor lightly. We are not rash persons. Further it is in accord with Wesley's Three Simple Rules. "Do no harm, do good, stay in love with God." We know that you shall continue to follow these rules and also hold the United Methodist denomination and King Avenue Church in your prayers.