ACTS Committee Update - April 2022

May 19, 2022

The ACTS Committee has met in 2022, reviewed and updated information related to our past recommendations, and remain steadfast about our response to the Traditionalist Plan.  

King Avenue Church will be actively supporting LGBTQIA+ ministries and actively supporting a future that honors, nurtures, and includes ALL. King Avenue will remain a welcoming, reconciling, and serving church which shares God's love with ALL! King Avenue Church will not change what it is and what it stands for.

The ACTS Committee remains optimistic about the future and resolute in our recommendations. King Avenue Church will remain an active voice in our district, conference, and beyond on behalf of LGBTIQA+ ministries. Our recommendation is supported by these examples:

  • The Plan for Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation legislation proceeds to General Conference in 2024. While we all are very disappointed in the delay to 2024, it is our ardent hope that this legislation will pass at the General Conference and allow for us to claim as United Methodists that all are welcome. We continue to see evidence that this is the case.
  • The Global Methodist Church (GMC) has set an official launch date of May 1, 2022, which provides a home for churches who are not yet prepared to support LGBTIQA+ ministries. Those churches have until December 2023 through the Gracious Exit Provision to become part of the Global Methodist Church.  
  • King Avenue has been and will continue to be a leader for Reconciling ministries and will provide an inclusive and sacred space to help guide churches that explore joining us on that journey.   
  • King Avenue Church is emboldened by the continued support of LGBTQIA+ ministries in our district and in the West Ohio Conference. New church starts in our district and conference are supportive of LGBTIQA+ ministries and leaders who support LGBTIQA+ ministries have volunteered, been nominated, and been appointed to the key positions needed to ensure the continued representation of LGBTIQA+ ministries in all administrative decisions in 2022 and beyond. This is an important area of focus in 2022 and 2023 for King Avenue Church’s leadership and support.
  • Finally, King Avenue Church will remain an active supporter and voice in our district, conference, and beyond on behalf of LGBTIQA+ ministries by paying apportionments. This allows King Avenue Church to remain a vehicle of change for those we are in communion with that support LGBTQIA+ ministries throughout the United Methodist Church. The 24-months of escrowed apportionments we have will continue to be held until the Traditionalist Plan law is changed to protect our important place in the communities we serve.

Thank you for the honor of doing this important work to understand, prepare, and recommend how best to promote our mission and vision in the communities we serve.

King Avenue Church Mission Statement:
We invite, welcome, and honor all people and nurture them to grow in service with Christ.

King Avenue Church Vision Statement:
We are a community of servants called by God’s reconciling grace to open doors of sanctuary, to create new avenues of ministry, to equip Christians for discipleship, and to lead reconciling ministries.

ACTS Committee: 
Tim Bechtol, Janet Blocher, Linda Guyton, Rhonda Luetje, Andy Shockney, Pam Springer, Cean Wilson, Becky Piatt