Adult Lenten Sunday School Class

February 9, 2023

Looking Back/Moving Forward
Sunday, February 27 - April 2

The time of Lent can feel like we are treading on the edge of darkness as we wait for the joyous light of Easter Morning which means it can be a time for introspection. Please join us for a six week drop-in workshop, structured through a church context and designed to help us process what the Covid-19 pandemic took from us.  We will then move forward into our new understanding of what the world brings to us now. Not designed to be a rehashing of Covid grievances, but instead a time to genuinely connect while processing how Covid has changed our lives and our church. We will then transition to discussion about the good that has come out of this cataclysmic event, envision how the changes wrought by Covid in our church can be used for defining who we are as a congregation, and where we would like to see our church and ourselves in the future. While this may trigger deep feelings, we will support one another in understanding and love.

This series will be at 10am on Sundays in the Fireside room, starting February 26.

This illustration collection was created by Davian Ho, Maya Peters Kostman, and Philippa Steinberg for the Innovative Genomics Institute and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.