Advent Devotions

November 23, 2022

Prepare for Christmas with Advent Devotions.  

Advent (which derives from the Latin adventus or “coming” is a time of active waiting. It is not sitting passively but preparing as we wait. It encourages us to use this waiting time wisely.

I have always been intrigued with the idea of “time” in the scriptures. Time is a universal and equalizing dimension for humans, but God stands outside time.  

Can an eternal God really understand how precious time is to us? Is the whole Christ event, the incarnation of God in the flesh, about God experiencing time as we do?  What does the Bible and Jesus teach us about time? How do we use this “waiting time” wisely?

Join me over the next 4 weeks as we examine the concept of time in the Bible. Each day there is a short Bible passage, my brief thoughts about the passage, a prayer, and a challenge for the day.  The readings will take 2-5 minutes daily.  

Click the button below to view the Advent Devotionals online, or download/print them. 

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