Bethlehem on Broad - Food Donations

November 22, 2019

Bethlehem on Broad Street

King Avenue has committed to provide 100 boxes to the Bethlehem on Broad Street Project. Boxes will be available in the Fellowship Hall and Milling Area now. Boxes must be returned to the Fellowship Hall no later than Wednesday, December 4 so they can be delivered for distribution. Please find the shopping list below.  PLEASE TAPE THE TOP AND BOTTOM YOUR BOX.  

$10 Kroger gift card taped to inside lid of the box
2 large cans of vegetables
1 large box of cereal
1 six-pack of Ramen noodles
1 large box of instant potatoes
1 CANNED HAM or 1 large can of beef stew
1 roll of paper towels
1 box of saltine crackers
2 large CANS of spaghetti sauce (PLEASE, NO GLASS JARS)
1 large box of spaghetti
2 cans of fruit
4 rolls of toilet paper
1 large package of cookies
1 large PLASTIC container of peanut butter
1 large PLASTIC container of squeezable jelly