Centennial Contemplations

May 24, 2022


Our building at 299 King Avenue is turning 100! Want to learn more about this building our church calls home? Check out this page for some weekly trivia questions and answers.

Q1 What will be 100 years old on October 8, 2022? 
A1 On October 8, 1922, our current church building was dedicated.

Q2 What date was our congregation formed?
A2: On May 30, 1889, the King Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church was officially organized with 30 members.   These 30 initial members came from a larger group of area residents who began meeting as a Sunday School in December of 1888 because they considered the Third Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church to be too far away. 

Q3: When was our lot on the corner of King and Neil purchased?
A3: Our lot was purchased in 1889 for $5,500.00.  The first church, “The Old Stone Chapel”, was dedicated on December 23, 1889 and faced King Avenue. 

Q4: How many church buildings have stood on this lot prior to our current building?
A5: On August 23, 1918, the second church building was destroyed within a couple of hours by a fire that started while the roof was being repaired. 

Q6: Where did the congregation meet during the time our current building was being planned and constructed, 1918-1922?
A6: Initially, several area churches donated space.  A temporary structure was built on Neil Avenue between Nineth and Tenth Avenues.  This temporary structure, “The Tabernacle”, could seat about 700 people and was dedicated on November 1, 1918. 

Q7: What three dates are on the cornerstone of our current building?
A7: The three dates on our current building’s cornerstone: 1888 (the year the Sunday School was organized among area residents), 1902, the year the second building’s construction began, and 1920, the year the construction of the current building began. 

Q8: What was the cost and seating capacity of each of the three church buildings built on this lot?
A8: It is estimated from board notes that the “First Stone Chapel cost $6,000, including the lot, seating capacity not more than 150. The second building, completed in 1904, cost $54,000 and had a seating capacity of 1,800. The third building, our current building, cost $400,000, could seat a total of 1,800 in the sanctuary area and the space in the basement could seat 1,500 or 600 for dinner.

Q9: Who does the North or Memorial Window in our current building (one recently refurbished and cleaned) memorialize?
A9: The North or Memorial Window is quoted in the 1922 dedication program for this building as being “… a gift of many parents in memory of the young men and women who served in the great war.”  From the King Ave. congregation, 170 served and three died during WWI.

Q10: What artistic or architectural style does the North Window reflect?
A10: Gothic Revival, a twentieth century interpretation of Medieval art and architecture.

Q11: What do the feminine appearing figures in the North Window represent?
A11: They represent angels, with the center two figures representing archangels Michael and Gabriel.

Q12: What words appear above the six figures in the North Window and what do they represent?
A12: The words are inspired by Ephesians 6:13-17 regarding the Armor of God.  The words were meant to describe a Christian who served his/her country in WWI. The six words are: Fidelity, Mercy, Victory, Peace, Piety and Service.

Q13: How many windows does the current church building contain?