Isaiah 35 Fellowship

March 1, 2020

Isaiah 35 Fellowship

Many people do not see or understand the effects of brain chemical/mental illness, which can make facing mental health challenges lonely.  Isaiah 35 fellowship, named for a beautiful chapter in the Old Testament about renewal and healing for the people of God, will offer community. Mary Bostian and Rev. Mark Johnson, two wonderfully kind and wise souls, will be leading each gathering. If you have questions about Isaiah 35, please reach out to Mary (614) 371-0171,

A confidential fellowship group offering acceptance, encouragement, community, and prayer for people whose faith and hope have been challenged by struggles with mental health.
Join us for dinner, fellowship, discussion, and prayer the first and third Wednesday of the month in Logos Lounge from 6:30 – 8:00pm. It is our hope that all who attend:
  • Are encouraged and offer encouragement
  • Are supported and offer support
  • Are accepted without judgement and offer acceptance without judgement to each other
  • Are prayed for and pray for each other

For more information or questions, contact Colleen Ogle @ (614) 424-6060 ext. 101, or Mary Bostian @ (614) 371-0171